Product marketing services tailored to solving your problems

No two problems are identical, and neither are the objectives.

Imagine buying a new suit. Not only is it a choice of material colour, pattern and fabric, but also of the fit and style that ensures the perfect result.

And your marketing problems can be solved with the same approach, tailoring the service (the material) to your problem, combined with an effective delivery method ( the style), above all focusing on hitting your objectives.

Whether face to face or using digital tools for remote working, we adapt to solve your problems.

Consequently Re:Fresh B2B proposes a range of customised product marketing services and approaches to support you.

Build a World-Class Marketing Team

Develop skills in both the strategic and tactical aspects of the 4Ps. Coaching to optimise effectiveness, mentoring to accelerate the growth of your talent.

Maximise your Effectiveness

Marketing diagnostic and improvement plans. Identify areas for growth, implement change plans, and coach people through change to achieve a definite conclusion

Optimise your Customer Base and Product Lines

Diagnose and identify the profit generators and cash burners of your business. Implement a strategy and actions for profitable pricing.

Maximise ROI with effective product launches

Product launch preparations - building and deploying the integrated plan, mix adjustments to deliver to target and secure the return on your new product development.

Marketing for a Profitable Future

Building the future strategy - roadmap and product strategy, competitor analysis, growth strategy, GTM development, segment analysis, UVP and messaging creation...

Add Instant Flexibility to your Marketing team

Subcontract your complete marketing projects or tasks where you are short of skills today. Deliver key business actions quickly to take advantage of fast-moving opportunities. ​

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