Better B2B product marketing

During more than 20 years of working in B2B product marketing around the world, I’ve seen many great marketing teams and actions.

And some not so great ones.

I am convinced that companies can make a significant impact to their top and bottom line with just some minor changes to their product marketing activities, but are often short of resources, time or the competencies needed to make this happen.

A small improvement in product marketing effectiveness can deliver exponential returns.

My approach

The challenge of finite marketing resources guides teams to focus on being efficient in their actions -that is to say, doing things right- rather than being effective and doing the right things

Doing things right ≠ doing the right things

Being efficient is what organisations strive for but are your efforts just about improving what you already do?
Too many marketing teams keep doing what they always have. And the same actions keep delivering the same results. Perhaps these once were the right actions, but the world has moved on.

A fresh look doesn't mean revolution

Often just a simple refresh is needed. It’s not always about forgetting what you are doing and starting with a blank page.
After all, you’ve come this far, so something has been working.

Think of it as redecorating your house rather than knocking it down and building a fresh one!

Of course fresh can be useful – a fresh pair of eyes or legs, a new angle or perspective, some different ideas. But unless you need to change your business model drastically or disrupt the marketplace, then an evolution rather than a revolution is what you need.

B2B Product Marketing
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels

Transform your B2B product marketing effectiveness ​

The role of B2B product marketing is far-reaching.  

It can cover the identification of unmet customer needs and the creation of new products and services, through to product launches and developing sales directly or through channels, managing the offer throughout the product lifecycle, continually adjusting the marketing mix.

Mastering the 4Ps – Product, Place, Promotion and Price are the fundamentals of product marketing. I bring both knowledge and practical experience, having been in your shoes before, and had successes and failures.

Furthermore, I can develop your product marketing skills through coaching and training, either in marketing competency or on broader skills that are key in business. My B2B Product Marketing Toolkit offers off the shelf modules to progress people quickly, but bespoke coaching can tackle your exact problem.

About me ​

With a career spent in Industrial Sales and Marketing, I’ve worked in many different roles, with teams and colleagues around the world and gaining in-depth experience in Asia – especially China, India and Japan – as well as across Europe and the Americas.
From Product Manager for a variety of offers, through to Marketing Director for a major product family; and within a country marketing organisation directly facing the customer, through to roles in Corporate structures.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here

British born,  I moved to a small city in south-west France in 2008 with my family intending to stay for three years.
 We are still here today, and we all love the different culture. A native English speaker and fluent in French, I’m often to be found in a pair of running shoes when I can get some spare time.