My best B2B marketing resources and recommendations

Useful links to other resources, writers or companies that I find interesting and helpful. Hopefully you will too.

Marketing is dynamic and not always an exact science, therefore keeping up to date with new ideas, modifying our views of past thinkers and generally being curious about the unknown are key skills for any marketer.

And sometimes a touch of humour, just to make sure we don’t take work too seriously.

The best business model generator


How I built my business plan, and how I think you should look at yours. You can do it yourself, or I can help you.
My only regret is not discovering this approach earlier in my career !

Damien Herwegh Product Marketing


Damien Herwegh is someone who lives for Product Marketing. We are former colleagues and I highly recommend him. He's my go-to-guy when I need to get brutally honest feedback on my ideas.

Marketoonist logo for a good laugh

Marketoonist is the thought bubble of Tom Fishburne, a veteran marketer and cartoonist.
Often painfully direct, always very funny.

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