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A new adventure in familiar places

Why I stopped being a product geek and start taking risks.

I’ve always enjoyed B2B marketing.  From the day some time last century when the most influential manager I have ever had proposed me to follow a Chartered Institute of Marketing course , right up to today. And hopefully I’ll enjoy it tomorrow. And the day after that, ad infinitum.

It’s probably a geek thing but I love products. I can recall part numbers and technical specs of products long since out of production and that still make me smile as if the past has some bearing on the future. The problem is the world is full of marketers just like me in this respect, but customers have moved on. But most of us cling to what we know best, what we think works, and most importantly what is bringing in the sales of today.

If you’ve had a quick scan on my website, checked out the About section or seen my LinkedIn profile you can see I’ve done lots of product marketing, worked with teams and customer all over the globe and continue keep learning amazing things every day. And I was still in a comfortable place, working with a great team and a world class product family.

So how did I get here today, with Re:Fresh B2B ? To put it simply, I started to take risks -some of these risks worked and some didn’t, and a few months back I found myself thinking what I wanted to do next and – most importantly – what I didn’t want to do. And so I decided to create a company to help B2B marketing teams shine and deliver long term, tangible results.


Why marketing needs to change? And I want to make it happen.

1 %
of B2B organisations don't manage price well*
1 %
rate their promotion as unsatisfactory*
1 %
view the relationship with their sales channels as unequal*

I’ve seen lots of great marketers, teams and actions over the years, and conversely some that don’t rate so highly. But what has become clear is that many great ideas almost work, but are missing something to transform them into great results.

Great products that answer to a real need but fail to sell. Promotional campaigns that only serve internal and existing customers and go no further. Marketing teams failing to fix the 4Ps of the marketing mix before embarking on highly complex action plans…. The list is a long one.

Recent research* indicates that less than half of B2B organizations have a pricing strategy and less than 40%  believe they manage their pricing well.

Nearly 75% use social media for demand creation but only around 30% track the effectiveness. Worse still,  only 16% think leads generated this way are of good quality.

And we wonder why there can be a disconnect between Sales and Marketing when we support them like this ?

So my aim is to help B2B companies tweak (or  tinker, adjust, whatever you want to call it!)  their actions to make those small improvement that turn great ideas into great results.

If you want to find out more, get in touch with me here and let’s discuss the challenges you are facing.

*research carried out during the validation of my business idea, Autumn 2018.


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