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I’m Jim Clark, a B2B Product Marketing Specialist focusing on the industrial and automation markets.

By working together on developing your skills and capabilities, transforming your marketing activity into effective action plans, and providing a flexible and experienced B2B resource we can enable your path to more profitable growth.

Helping you to solve your B2B product marketing challenges

Does your To-Do list grow longer each day ? Are you under pressure to deliver more, under shorter timescales and with fewer resources ?
If so, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many marketing teams are overwhelmed with challenges to grow, fewer resources to deliver it, and a huge list of possible actions.
The good news is that many Marketing leaders know the problems facing them but their challenge is what to do about it.

Business that is driven by quarterly results, tasked to deliver a future that is not yet defined, combined with a risk to lose competencies as experienced staff move on, will continue to frustrate marketers.

By drawing on an experienced B2B product marketing specialist you can solve your marketing challenges with a professional and flexible approach

Identifying and deploying the right tasks for growth

Marketing teams are short of the necessary time , or are spread too thinly across too many topics. Consequently they have difficulties to identify and work on the right things that maximize growth.

Shaping the future whilst firefighting the present

Marketing teams struggle to take a strategic outlook to work on shaping the future. Instead they often concentrate on today and firefighting to meet results.‚Äč

Making the correct business decisions

Marketing teams lack the skills or experience to make and implement key business decisions at the right pace. As a result may miss opportunities to win new customers, boosting revenue and profit.

B2B product marketing specialist

Why choose Re:Fresh B2B ?

Flexible services adapted to your growth need

A tailored approach that puts the needs of your customer foremost. Based on your problem and the desired outcome, an effective approach can be proposed and deployed.

20+ years of global B2B product marketing experience

Whatever your problem, there is a good chance we've been in a similar situation. As a consequence we can guide you through the problem solving and ensure you deploy to reach your objectives.

Local knowledge, worldwide coverage

Extensive global exposure and a sensitivity and openness to other cultures. Therefore Re:Fresh B2B can propose effective actions ideal for your customers, your teams and your needs.

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